Knitting Children’s Woollen Clothing

Boy with woolen hat and scarf

In New Zealand our climate is temperate and we have windy weather that can be very cold with a wind chill factor. Children have small bodies and therefore it is advisable for them to wear woollen clothing in winter. In the past, mothers used to knit clothing particularly jumpers and cardigans and accessories to keep their children warm. In later years this has become more popular for the young people.


Wool can be bought from haberdashery stores such as Spotlight. I buy woollen yarn in either 3 ply, 4 ply or 8 ply. The ply indicates the thickness of the wool and how many strands in the yarn that is twisted. Patterns are available for knitting clothing. For instance, I bought a pattern to knit my granddaughter a woollen cardigan. The pattern has the instructions and begins with tools required to knit the garment. Usually 4 ply wool needs 4 millimetre knitting needles or English size 10 needles. It also may need number 12 needles or 3.25 needles for the rib sections around the wrist and neck.


The knitting pattern is broken into several sections, beginning with the back. The pattern begins with the number of stitches to cast on. If there are several sizes, they are given in brackets and so the knitter selects the number of stitches for the size of garment they are knitting. Often a section of the garment begins with a rib. This is knitted with smaller needles and begins with knit one, purl one.

Adorable baby socks

The next row continues with the same ‘Knit One, Purl One’ pattern and so this shows a rib effect on the band. After knitting about 12 rows then the main body part is knitted this. This is done in stocking stitch, which is the right side facing, the knitter knits the row, and then turns the garment to the wrong side and purls the row.


The stitch is created by putting the needle through the stitch, twisting the wool yarn around the needles and pulling it through the whole onto the other needle. The cardigan I am knitting has a back section, left and right front sections, and two sleeves. It also has bands for up the front panel where the buttons are. This is knitted separately.


At the end of knitting the garment, the knitter sews up the side seams with a large needle. There are different stitches to use, for example, mattress stitch is a common one to use to sew the side seems.  lay the garment out on a table and steam press very, very, very lightly where needed. Sew the buttons on and the garment is complete.

Here’s a video tutorial for knitting some cute baby booties:

Residential Home Contractors in NZ

The NZ contracting industry that services the residential housing market is modern, safe and well regulated, but is inefficient due to the sheer volume of work generated by the current housing bubble, particularly with roofing in Dunedin. As a consequence residential customers often find it difficult to locate suitably qualified roofers that are available, even to provide quotes.

The cost of building and maintaining homes has risen steadily over time, due to more stringent safety regulations, a shortage of skilled labour, increased cost of materials and increased cost of compliance with the Resource Management Act and similar regulations.

The introduction of stringent safety regulations with real teeth has forced builders and management to seriously address work practices, and has had a measurable positive effect on safety in the work place. These regulations were long overdue, and in reality the industry should have seen this coming decades ago. Any injury on a building site is patently unacceptable.

The shortage of skilled labour is a well known problem that has been around forever. The industry needs a good supply of qualified skilled workers coming into the system, and hence needs to have ensured that a good supply of young people entered into training and apprentice ships 5 or more years earlier. Failure to do that means that the industry has to compete on the world market for this qualified and skilled labour, which inevitably results in shortages and higher costs.

The industry has not invested in training and apprenticeships as it should have, and have effectively outsourced this role to other countries and to the individual workers. This ironically makes some economic sense to contractors, as any increased costs are simply piled onto the customers, and any delays simply means increased market pressure on customers to accept higher prices if they want the work done.

Increased materials costs are partly due to new regulations and partly due to scarcity due to the building boom. Increased costs of compliance with the Resource Management Act are the natural and sensible result of properly allocating the economic environmental costs, and likewise increased costs due to local council fees are the sensible result of properly allocating the cost of upgraded infrastructure.

The residential construction industry is ripe for disruption from overseas companies and building techniques that significantly shorten construction time, reduce construction costs, increase safety while still meeting environmental and local council requirements.

Best Vein Clinic in Wellington

The gentlemen get varicose veins too

Some of the ladies are having trouble with ugly varicose veins and stuff. We here at Ayers Sportsmen Club like to take care of the missus and treat her like a lady, even when she’s got nasty-looking veins on her legs, so we get that stuff treated. Otherwise we have to look at it, y’know? Us blokes get it too sometimes and we do it for ourselves, so why not for the missus also?

Its not necessarily a huge health issue, but not being able to wear stubbies at the bbq or togs at the beach for fear of being seen, that’s a serious problem!

If you’re looking for the best vein clinic in Wellington, go no further than the WSVC. They’re a good bunch, they take care of your varicose veins and you’ll be looking like a normal person in no time.

Great Continuous Spouting Services

Recently we had a leaky spouting at the Ayer Sportsmen Club meeting hall and we needed to get it fixed. There were weeds growing in one of the old spouts and the root had broken a hole through the spouting – or rather, found a small hole and made it bigger – and as a result there was water dribbling down the site of the house, leaving a big ugly green mark on the wall. We decided it would be a good idea to get it fixed, because it made the meeting hall look bad.

The new spouting looks great!

We called around to find the best continuous spouting in Wellington and we found Three65, they are a great company. They did a great job, at great rates, with great customer service. We found they were really knowledgeable about spouting, ‘guttering geeks’ if you will, but were also really good at explaining what was happening and were just really friendly, reliable and likeable people.


So if you’re ever on Marsden St, pop in and say hello to these guys! They’re a nice lot. I’m sure you will find them very helpful in all your guttering and spouting needs.

Welcome to the Ayer Sports Club for Men!

Welcome to the Ayer Sports Club for Men!

We are a group of blokes in Wellington who like to sit around and watch sports! We also play sports, maybe a bit of touch rugby or a game of pool in the pub, but we’re mostly a social club. Join us some time.

Out fishing with the boys

We go fishing together, hunting together, all sorts of things. If you’re ever in Wellington, why not come along and catch up over a beer?

This website talks not only about some of the fun things we do, but also some of the useful services we have had experience with. We know the benefit of good quality services, in a world where people rip us off. So if we find anything useful and want to share the word, we post it on this website.

If we find a good lawyer, a good electrician, a good web designer or a good plumber, we’ll let you know! Whatever the service, we’ll keep you updated. If you want to join the club and let the other members know about your services, you can also contact us for that reason too, but you’ll get more results if you get to know everybody first.

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