Best Vein Clinic in Wellington

The gentlemen get varicose veins too

Some of the ladies are having trouble with ugly varicose veins and stuff. We here at Ayers Sportsmen Club like to take care of the missus and treat her like a lady, even when she’s got nasty-looking veins on her legs, so we get that stuff treated. Otherwise we have to look at it, y’know? Us blokes get it too sometimes and we do it for ourselves, so why not for the missus also?

Its not necessarily a huge health issue, but not being able to wear stubbies at the bbq or togs at the beach for fear of being seen, that’s a serious problem!

If you’re looking for the best vein clinic in Wellington, go no further than the WSVC. They’re a good bunch, they take care of your varicose veins and you’ll be looking like a normal person in no time.

Wellington Specialist Vein Clinic
90 Hanson Street, Newtown, Wellington
0800 483 467

Great Continuous Spouting Services

Recently we had a leaky spouting at the Ayer Sportsmen Club meeting hall and we needed to get it fixed. There were weeds growing in one of the old spouts and the root had broken a hole through the spouting – or rather, found a small hole and made it bigger – and as a result there was water dribbling down the site of the house, leaving a big ugly green mark on the wall. We decided it would be a good idea to get it fixed, because it made the meeting hall look bad.

The new spouting looks great!

We called around to find the best continuous spouting in Wellington and we found Three65, they are a great company. They did a great job, at great rates, with great customer service. We found they were really knowledgeable about spouting, ‘guttering geeks’ if you will, but were also really good at explaining what was happening and were just really friendly, reliable and likeable people.

Here are the details:

Three65 Spouting
65 Marsden St, Melling, Lower Hutt 5010
04 568 7135


So if you’re ever on Marsden St, pop in and say hello to these guys! They’re a nice lot. I’m sure you will find them very helpful in all your guttering and spouting needs.

Welcome to the Ayer Sports Club for Men!

Welcome to the Ayer Sports Club for Men!

We are a group of blokes in Wellington who like to sit around and watch sports! We also play sports, maybe a bit of touch rugby or a game of pool in the pub, but we’re mostly a social club. Join us some time.

Out fishing with the boys

We go fishing together, hunting together, all sorts of things. If you’re ever in Wellington, why not come along and catch up over a beer?

This website talks not only about some of the fun things we do, but also some of the useful services we have had experience with. We know the benefit of good quality services, in a world where people rip us off. So if we find anything useful and want to share the word, we post it on this website.

If we find a good lawyer, a good electrician, a good web designer or a good plumber, we’ll let you know! Whatever the service, we’ll keep you updated. If you want to join the club and let the other members know about your services, you can also contact us for that reason too, but you’ll get more results if you get to know everybody first.

So that’s us! We’re just a group of guys doing stuff. We hope you join in and get to know everybody 🙂